How does it work?

SPIDER works as a gateway. It shields your mail server from direct access with unsafe external servers, it blocks dangerous or unsolicited emails, and it delivers clean emails to you on an encrypted channel.


Mail server security

  • Emails filtered through SPIDER
  • Public SMTP access block
  • 4 top-security data centres
  • SPF and DKIM safety mechanism
  • TLS / SSL communication encryption
  • Digital email signatures

Anti-spam & anti-virus scanning

  • Triple anti-spam scanning
  • Double anti-virus scanning
  • Multi-layer scanning
  • 4 failover clusters
  • Inbound & outbound scan

Why is SPIDER so useful?

SPIDER is developed by a Czech company, therefore it has experience with Czech spam.

Four independent data centers located in Czech Republic, Germany and Luxembourg ensure maximum availability and protection of the service against outages.

Service speed guarantee, when processing one email takes an average of 2 seconds.

In case of unavailability of your mail server, SPIDER will keep your emails for up to 7 days.

The service has several anti-virus and anti-spam scanners at its disposal, which guarantee the selection of the best solution at the current time.

There is no need to manage and set up SPIDER, the system works for you.

The service is fully compatible with all servers, across platforms.

SPIDER is considerate of your internet connection and hardware by ensuring that only processed spam-free mail reaches the server.

SPIDER service can be tried for 14 days completely free of charge and without obligations.

Very easy to set up, just change your MX records settings.

How to get started with this service?

Setup takes less than 5 minutes. Fill up our form which will provide our specialists with all the necessary information. Our team will then send you an activation email with more instructions. You will then change your mail server’s MX records* to the server addresses we send in your activation email, and the job is done!

*your MX record is your mail exchange address, which essentially defines where your emails should go to


Try SPIDER completely free for 14 days and without any commitment