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  • Filled out form is sent to us
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  • After the service is set up you will receive an activation email with additional instructions
  • Instructions will help you to configure SPIDER to it's final form

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To speed up the commissioning of the test version, please fill out our questionnaire:

  • 1. Enter your email address.
  • 2. Domain name which is going to be filtered?
  • 3. Mailserver (hostname or IP address), to which filtered mail will be sent?
  • 4. The way of handling a spam quaranten (we recommend tagging = text string which will be visible in a subject of a message, standardly ***SPAM)?
  • 5. Name, surname and email of a person who is going to have administrative access to a web portal for SPIDER administration?

If you are interested in a filtration of outgoing emails and signing with technologies DK and DKIM: 

  • 6. Domain name/s for which a mail will be signed, filtered?
  • 7. IP address of a server for outgoing mail, only if it differs from a mailserver for incoming mail?

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