What is SPIDER?

SPIDER is a cloud service which protects your network from spamviruses and internet threats that come through email. Unwanted mail is processed on SPIDER servers. This type of traffic does not put any stress on your servers and internet connection. Spam is filtered way before it has any chance of arriving to your mailbox.

Spam and virus protection does not have to be only for incoming mail but for outgoing also. SPIDER often prevents spammers from misusing your domain to send harmful emails.

Main advantage is maintenance-free service running on secured servers and usage of multiple security cores that are not dependant on manufacturer and time.

SPIDER has 6 awards from VirusBulletin test laboratory.

SPIDER protects 6 million mailboxes in CZ and SK and filters more than 15 million emails a day.

SPIDER benefits & features

Service guarantees

  • 99.9% spam catch rate
  • 99.9999% virus catch rate
  • 0.0001% false positives
  • Up to 99.99% service uptime

Cost-savings with SPIDER

  • Eliminated email security management costs
  • Reduced IT department workload
  • Up to 70% less mail server workload
  • Return on investment within 3 months

"The best of all tested solutions, moreover, with a great support."

Charles University in Prague

"Smooth and rapid deployment, simple administration & top quality service."


"SPIDER’s VBSpam award is well deserved."

Virus Bulletin Magazine