Thorough, safe & maintenance free

SPIDER protects you from annoying spams and dangerous viruses without you even realising that it's on.

spider antispam
spider antispam

Robust spam & virus scanning

With up to 3 anti-spam & 2 anti-virus engines, the SPIDER will catch and kill all your spam & viruses.

spider antispam

Watertight service protection

SPIDER uses a sophisticated encryption process so none of your emails will be eavesdropped on.

spider antispam

Cast-iron performance guarantees

We provide strict performance guarantees to deliver a quality, fast and undisrupted service to every customer.

spider antispam

Maintenance free, hosted service

No need to install, no need to maintain. SPIDER works on its own, saving your staff the time and hassle.

Don’t fall victim to sophisticated email tricks. Protect your sensitive information.

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SPIDER benefits & features

Robust scanning performance

  • 3 anti-spam engines
  • 2 anti-virus engines
  • Inbound / outbound scanning
  • 4 high performance nodes

Watertight email security

  • Direct attack block by closing your public SMTP gateway
  • Communication encryption via TLS / SSL
  • Secure signature for identifying valid e-mail
  • SPF and DKIM safety mechanism

spider antispam1st line of defence

Your mail server will be only in contact with SPIDER, so it won’t be susceptible to attack from external servers.

spider antispamNever lose an email

If your server is down, you will not lose any emails. Spider can hold and store your emails for up to 7 days.

spider antispamFree up your IT staff

The service will run automatically & silently. No attention is required from your IT staff.

Service guarantees

  • 99.9% spam catch rate
  • 99.9999% virus catch rate
  • 0.0001% false positives
  • up to 99.99% service uptime
  • min 7 days email backup

Cost-savings with SPIDER

  • Eliminated email security management costs
  • Significantly reduced email security risk costs
  • Reduced IT department workload
  • Up to 70% less mail server workload
  • Return of investment within 3 months

Compare SPIDER with other products

Threat type
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fraudulent e-mails (phishing)
malware (viruses, worms, spyware) via emails
listening to the last mile
email spoofing (sender address, etc. manipulation)
DoS attack
mail server attack, misuse & abuse

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