Watertight email security in action

SPIDER cloud service works with up to 3 anti-spam & 2 anti-virus engines and a 4-nod cluster system.

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What is SPIDER anti-spam & anti-virus service?

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Your mail server guard

Emails first arrive to the SPIDER’s security perimeters, as opposed to your mail server & mailbox, where trouble is already done.

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Your spam & virus fighter

SPIDER applies multiple industry-leading anti-virus & anti-spam technologies to catch & block all dangerous or unwanted content.

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Your secure postman

You receive clean and harmless emails via the SPIDER’s top-security encrypted communication channel.

Don’t fall victim to sophisticated email tricks. Protect your sensitive information.

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SPIDER works as a gateway. It shields your mail server from direct access with unsafe external servers, it blocks dangerous or unsolicited emails, and it delivers clean emails to you on an encrypted channel.

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Mail server security

  • Emails filtered through SPIDER
  • Public SMTP access block
  • 4 top-security data centres
  • SPF and DKIM safety mechanism
  • TLS / SSL communication encryption
  • Digital email signatures

Anti-spam & anti-virus scanning

  • Triple anti-spam scanning
  • Double anti-virus scanning
  • Multi-layer scanning
  • 4 failover clusters
  • F-prot & ClamAV scan engines
  • Inbound & outbound scan


Setup takes less than 5 minutes. Sign up for our free test, then change your mail server’s MX records to the server addresses we send in your activation email, and the job is done!

*Your MX record is your mail exchange address, which essentially defines where your emails should go to.

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