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​SPAM increases in massive numbers



Composite Block List a professional service for collecting data about “spam traps” reported receiving over 3,000 spam messages per second, over this summer. At the beginning of this year that number was seven times less, then the current levels. To confirm that this was not an error from some miss calculation, SpamCop, conducted a search of all the IP address reporting these figures and they confirmed that there were 4000,000 IP address involved in these “spam traps.” This number is five times higher than the beginning of the year.

How can this increase occur?

One reason so many spams are caught is the effectiveness of spam filters. Most larger companies can respond to these spam mails in minutes and distinguish between good “ham” mail and spam mail. So to improve their chances of infiltration the spammers have developed a method of sending millions of spam mails in a very short time and this helps to propagate their mission. 

Methods of delivery

The spammers also utilize very effective botnets to send out their spams. They can work all day every day. This form of robotic spammer system as proven to be very effective in delivering their unwanted payloads. The spammers use the computers on a daily basis or may use only some of their botnet network. The other computers which they use to send the spam may be on “hold” until they decide to release and use this new batch of botnet for their next spam campaign. 

The suspected botnet computer can be cleaned and supposedly free of the botnet servitude, but after some time the spammers will reuse this same computer remotely launching the commands to restart their active spamming traits.


Spam has become an ever growing problem in the world. The best offense is a good defense. Installing Spider antispam has proven to be effective at preventing unwanted spam from entering your system. This will safe you and your employees’ countless hours of time and energy.

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