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The newest form of spam is posing as IT help information​!


Recent attempts at infiltrating email accounts have been sent to thousands of IT tech students. The spams look like helpful hints and ways t solve some difficult problem that IT techs and other members in the IT field may encounter. 

The emails seem to be sent from a firm called Techs IT help desk. The firm may be a reputable and helpful company which really may provide valid support for needy persons. But these spam are not originating from this company. The emails being sent are coming from an individual, Frances O. Thomas, using a specific name as the contact gives it a more realistic origin. The emails are focused on students. The message body states that the students need to check, change their emails security settings, or update their software within the next 24 hours or risk losing their access to their accounts.  Another version of this spam is stating that the students have reached their limit of their email boxes and they must click on a link to reset their email limits. If the students click the link the virus collects all the data in your contact list, and send all of your contacts a spam mail, then it continues to send spam to the new contacts it finds from the respondents list and so it goes like a wildfire. Many students claim to be receiving emails from many different people and they continue to hit be emails over and over. 

Real email messages from The Information Technology Service clearly states that will never ask for your account details, or personal information, and they clearly stet that any email that asks for such information should be treated like spam email and be deleted immediately.

Some tips on how to spot a spam email is to look at the senders email address. If it contains a long list of numbers or digits, that is a sign that it is a spam sender or if the email sender has a public used email domain that is another case of possible spam emails. In addition to this, look for emails that ask you to do something now or within some fixed time frame, this is a possible sign that the email is spam. If there is some unexplained link that will also trigger a possible spam email.

The best way to prevent these type of emails would be to change your password often. 

The best way to prevent these types of emails is to change passwords frequently. If you haven’t changed your email password since starting Tech you are more at risk for spam. If you do start to get spam emails, change your password as soon as you see it, and it should help combat the spam.

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